Erections and meds for SCI

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Erections and meds for SCI

Postby qguy » 02 Jan 2012, 11:37

Heya All,

I found this website the other day and i thought it might be a good place to bring up something very personal, please bare with me...

Ok, here's my deal; I'm a 10 year C4 quad (i think i'm incomplete, but no one has ever told me for certain:), I have sensation till about 2 inches above my elbows and about an inch above my nipples...i have zero sensation below these areas and my shoulders are the only things i can move.

Obviously, sex is a big thing on my mind. Over the last 10 years as a quad i haven't gone 'all the way' with a women, a lot of passion and foreplay but no intercourse. I figured i can't feel a damn thing down there so what's the point. About a week ago however things changed when a girl i've been seeing for about 3 months wanted to have sex...normally a cause for celebration for most men but i was freaking out...i just didn't know what would happen!

I mean, i wake some mornings with an erection and i get one whenever someone touches my penis but i was told by the docs it was a 'reflex' thing. But, just to be sure i popped a 20mg Cialis tablet in the morning in anticipation of the 'big night',

So, in bed everything is going great and after some 'stimulation' i got a semi decent erection...BUT that's it!!!! Nothing good enough that could do the deed...worse yet, less then a minute after 'stimulation' stopped, i was back to normal - IT WAS SOOOOOOOOO EMBARRASSING!!!!!! Of course, the miss kept telling me that 'it's ok' and that 'it's no big deal'...but i felt, and still feel soooooo bad. I never thought that would happen!!!!!

So, can anyone PLEASE advise...has anyone used better meds or meds that work differently? Please, don't respond if you going to tell me 'intercourse is not that important' or that 'intimacy and finding out what works for you' is what matters - this post is about erections and how to get, and maintain one!

Thanks:) Any help appreciated!!
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Re: Erections and meds for SCI

Postby susan » 12 Jan 2012, 15:53

Many people find that one medication works well and another one not so well. You have tried Cialis but maybe Viagra may work better. There is no knowing beforehand which will be the more effective medication. In the frequently asked questions of this website we do have a question on varous medications available. If oral medications are not working for you there are other alternatives.
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Re: Erections and meds for SCI

Postby Drew P » 16 Jan 2012, 15:41

I use cialis and viagra, (not at the same time). Actually the last lot was the new Avigra which is exactly the same as Viagra but re-named due to the NZ licence expiring this year. Cialis is great for me if I'm really in the zone and have all weekend to play. But if I just want a rock hard cock with minimal fuss which lasts an hour or so then it's Viagra all the way. I started off using 100mg then as time went on after my injury I found I could get reasonable erections without anything. I only need 25mg now to seal the deal and prevent failure which as you say SUCKS. Like Susan said though everyone is different and what works for me may not for you.
Out of interest, were you nervous before getting naked. I get bad nerves sometimes due to my past failure rate and that doesn't help things. Anxiety will stop cialis from working with me but Viagra will blitz through it.
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Re: Erections and meds for SCI

Postby susan » 17 Jan 2012, 10:26

Good point about the nervousness - it can definitely effect your sexual responsiveness.
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